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In this project Kim Winder worked together with Isabella Settels to translate the painting 'The roses of Heliogabalus' by Alma Tadema into a performance movie. It shows a family that is enjoying a festive dinner in the dunes, celebrating the mother’s birthday. While trying to keep-up its outside appearance, the family faces power struggles within their relation.

Cast: Marcel Willems, Marcella Ermerins, Sjeng Kessels, Maria Kessels, Thibaud Dooms
Isabella Rosa Settels & Kim Winder
Written by: Jottum Kok
Sam Peetz

Production Assistant: Thijmen Knook 
1st AD: Huib Robben 

2nd AD: Susanne De Heer
Thom Loohuis
1st AC: Youri Smaal
Production Design:
Floor van der Krol

Set Dresser: Lily Kim Gelderblom
Costume Designer: Julia Sara Noelle 
Editor: Jos Mauro Witteveen & Isabella Rosa Settels 
Colorist: Fernando Barrientos 
Sound Recording: Isa Skolnik
Sound Design: Jos Mauro Witteveen
Sekaìology, Nils Frahm

Behind the scene photography: Julia Sara Noelle

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